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Other Settlements Around Controller Bay

Map Old Town of Kayak

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Kayak: Located on the southeastern shore of Wingham Island this town was the original steamship landing place for Katalla. The steamships would discharge passengers on the small island and then they would ferry across the bay on smaller boats. The settlement was large enough the merit a post office in 1900. In the Governor's report to the Secretary of the Interior 1905 this town is described as a terminus for a railroad to be built soon. By 1906 its population had dropped enough that it had lost the post office. It is mentioned by Dr C.G. Martin in his United States Geological Survey Bulletins on Petroleum. Not much is really known about this town, information on this site would be helpful.

Redwood: Located just 3.5 miles east of Katalla this little town was described as a mining settlement in the Alaska Place Names Book, but it was really an oil town. It was largely abandoned and rebuilt as the oil companies drilled wells in the area. Not much is known and I have no Photos of this community, any information would be appreciated.

Chilkat: It is described as a "native village" in the 1890 USGS survey. It is mentioned in some other publications. Primarily known as a place where oil wells were drilled and as the location of a very large salmon cannery. It was also one of the locations considered as a possible railroad terminus. I need information on this place.

Goose City: This "town" was the terminus for the Alaska Anthracite Railroad. It like the others is a bit of a mystery. Not many known photos are around, and not very many first hand accounts of life there have been recorded, any information would be helpful.